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Outdoor Space

Boardwalk with benches


Located on the edge of Lake Wingra, Edgewood's boardwalk spans the length of campus. The boardwalk includes multiple areas for sitting as well as ideal fishing spots. The boardwalk parallels walking trails in the woods as well as a local bike path leading to the Henry Vilas Zoo.



Terrace off the back of Regina residence hall

Regina Terrace
Capacity: 50

The Regina Terrace is located outside Phil’s dining hall with picnic table seating. The stone terrace overlooks the wooded area in front of the lake, and grassy area ideal for cookouts.





Outdoor space in the center of campus

Predolin Terrace
Capacity: 200

Located just outside of the Predolin Commons, the Terrace is a multilevel area with casual outdoor seating. The Terrace overlooks a grassy area that is ideal for outdoor gatherings and cookouts.