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St. Joseph Chapel is the sacred space on the Edgewood campus designed for communal and private prayer. In the Catholic tradition, the Blessed Sacrament is reserved and given a place of honor in the Edgewood chapel. Students, faculty, staff and alumni of all religious traditions are welcome in the chapel for personal spiritual enrichment.

The primary and recommended location for a religious wedding service is a parish church; typically, the parish church of the bride and/or groom. We encourage couples to celebrate their wedding ceremony in a parish church, the place designated for sacramental celebrations of initiation and vocation. When the ideal of a parish faith community celebration is not possible, a special exception may be granted in some cases to use St. Joseph Chapel.

People of faith recognize and cherish marriage as a sacred bond, a calling to personal and spiritual growth for the couple, and a source and symbol of their committed love. A church wedding ceremony invites the couple’s family and friends to join the couple in celebrating the gift of love – God’s love for us and the wedding couple’s love for each other.

Wedding parties are expected to follow these guidelines to assist in maintaining the chapel’s sacred character.